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Center for American Indian Health (CAIH)

American Indians living on reservations in North America suffer the poorest health, socioeconomic and educational status of any ethnic or racial group in the United States, and remain the most underserved peoples in America. The Center for American Indian Health’s mission is to work in partnership with American Indian and Alaskan Native communities to raise their health status, self-sufficiency and health leadership to the highest possible level.

The Center for American Indian Health has become a national leader in partnering with tribes to achieve renewed health and well-being for America’s first peoples. Since its origins with Southwestern tribes in the 1980s, the Center’s focus has remained unchanged: It prioritizes strengths-based approaches that foster tribes’ rich physical, cultural and intellectual heritage, and increase the health leadership of tribes through training, employment and professional education. All of the Center’s programs are designed with local community advisory boards to ensure cultural competency and community acceptance. We strongly believe that what we have learned from our work with American Indians can be applied globally with other disadvantaged communities.

Whiteriver Apache children 
Whitewater Apache children involved in a community intervention

Center for American
Indian Health