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Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment in Myanmar (Burma)

May 14
4:30 PM
Meyer 1-191

Professor Win Aung Myint. Professor and Head, Department of Mental Health, University of Medicine and Mental Health Hospital Yangon, President of the Mental Health Society, Myanmar.

Dr. Tin Oo. Chair Department of Mental Health, University of Mandalay, Chief Psychiatrist and Medical Superintendent, Drug Treatment Hospital Mandalay, Myanmar.

The speakers are visiting our Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Mental Health at the JHSPH on May 14-17 and will represent their country at the APA meeting in San Francisco this year.

The Burmese Minister of Health and his Deputy Ministers visited Johns Hopkins in April 2012 and met with Drs. Ray DePaulo, Jim Harris, Chris Ross, Eric Strain and Bill Eaton. In November 2012, Drs. Harris and Ross visited Myanmar, met with Dr. Win Aung Myint, and spent a day with him and his staff at Yangon Mental Hospital. Drs. Harris and Ross are available to answer questions about that visit.

This will be the first presentation on psychiatry and substance abuse in Myanmar in the United States since the ending of US sanctions following parliamentary elections in Myanmar and the ending of the 50-year military dictatorship.