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Selected Publications
by Global Mental Health Members


JHSPH Courses Relevant to
Global Mental Health

JHSPH Course Catalogue

International Health
221.613.01: Introduction to Humanitarian Emergencies

221.624.81: Urban Health in Developing Countries

221.634.01: Stress Management for Relief Workers

221.642.01: Mental Health Aspects of Disaster: Public Health Preparedness and Response (jointly offered with MH)

221.648.01: Intervention Programming for Mental Health Research in Low and Middle Income Countries 

221.667.81: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Health of Native Americans

Summer Courses
221.615.11: Health Emergencies in Large Populations (H.E.L.P)

Mental Health
330.620.01: Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries

330.661.01: Social, Psychological, and Developmental Processes in the Etiology of Mental Disorders 

330.604.01: Gender and Mental Health

330.658.11 Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in International Humanitarian Settings 

330.680.01 Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Mental Disorders in Low- And Middle-Income Countries 

Population, Family, and Reproductive Health
380.668.01: International Perspectives on Women, Gender, and Health